Motion Controls

We offer a full line of industrial brakes, including both AC & DC drum, solenoid and disk brakes.

Counters & Timers

Argo International provides a wide range of digital and mechanical timers, elapsed time indicators, totalizers, hour meters, reset timers, repeat cycle timers, sequencers and more.

Power Supplies

Our scope includes AC-DC power supplies, DC to DC converters with options for Din Rail mounting.

Variable Frequency Drives

Argo International carries a wide range of AC and DC drives for motor speed control and other industrial control applications.

Motor Control Centers

Whether you are looking for a bucket for an existing MCC or require a complete system, Argo International can assist you with your application.

Starters & Contactors

We offer a wide range of IEC & NEMA contactors, starters, vacuum contactors and soft starts.

Pushbutton and Indicator Lights

Our offering includes both IEC and NEMA pushbuttons and indicating lights.


We offer a comprehensive line of absolute, incremental, resolvers, optical and explosion proof ATEX certified encoders for both industrial and OEM applications.