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  • Up to $50,000 in cost savings per well production site
  • Real-time, remote process monitoring and feedback


Independent oil and gas producer


Oil and gas production


  • Poor process control and feedback at well sites
  • Access to remote site locations

An oil and gas independent producer was challenged with poor process control, feedback and monitoring from devices at its well production sites. Old equipment was unreliable and started failing continuously. Each time a detected failure occurred, it required not only extensive driving across states to get to the site location, but also lengthy troubleshooting time to detect the root cause.

This was a systematic challenge with hundreds of well production sites.

User needed an effective, reliable and cost effective method to not only monitor production wells, injection wells, fresh water storage tanks and salt water disposal tanks, but also a single source, robust and reliable integrated solution.

Argo Solution

Argo provided process monitoring and control, significant cost savings and an integrated solution.

Argo’s team of industry experts partnered with key vendors to offer the oil and gas independent producer the most complete and cost effective integrated solution, including consultation, product recommendations, installation, start-up and commissioning.

From wireless sensing devices for level control in non-hazardous and hazardous locations, to sensorless artificial lift technology for well automation and control, Argo offered the optimal solution and incremental savings.

Argo has become their preferred supplier – Argo is now their local trusted partner.

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