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  • Up to $20,000 in cost savings per motor
  • Lead time reduced to 3 weeks from 26 weeks
  • Minimum downtime during motor replacement


Steel manufacturer


Fan motor in pickling line


  • Lead time and delivery critical to production uptime
  • Lengthy motor replacement time

A steel manufacturer experienced a fan motor failure in their pickling line. Because of the excessively high cost of the motor, the steel factory operated without a spare. Upon motor failure, user was able to temporarily replace the motor with a lower horse power motor. This temporary solution was unreliable and put the entire operation at risk for a complete process shutdown.

User desperately needed an adequate functional motor replacement, unfortunately their current vendor quoted a 26 weeks lead time. The longer the lead time, the higher the risk.

Argo Solution

Argo’s team of industry experts responded quickly and conducted an onsite assessment. We reviewed the application functional requirements and recommended a modified motor to minimize replacement time and process downtime.

We were able to not only offer a cost effective solution, but also to deliver the new motor in 3 weeks – compared to the 26 weeks for the alternative motor.

Argo is now their local trusted partner.

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